Who is Kirsty Dotty Cotton as she returns to EastEnders?

Dotty is making a return to EastEnders after being away for Walford for ten years… (Picture: BBC)

At long last, Dot Cotton (June Brown) is making her return to Walford tonight, and shell be bringing Kirsty Dotty Cotton with her.

In scenes tonight, Dot will return with Dotty in tow, with the younger of the two Cottons having been away from The Square for nearly ten years.

Tiffany (Maisie Smith) remembers Dotty from when they were both children and is understandably wary of her return…

Who is Kirsty Dotty Cotton on EastEnders?

Dotty is Nasty Nick Cottons (John Altman) daughter and Dot Cottons granddaughter.

Dottys mother was called Sandy (Caroline Pegg), and Dotty was conceived in a one-night-stand.

Soap fans with a long enough memory will know young Dotty as quite the troublemaker, as at one point she and her father both plotted to kill Dot for inheritance money.



However, Dotty had a change of heart, and, even though they often clashed, Dotty and Dot ended up bonding.

The last time we saw Dotty was nearly ten years ago when she was a child played by Molly Conlin.

Dotty left The Square in 2010 she learned that Nick had lied about her mother being dead and went back to live with her.

Now shes returning to the soap all grown up and played by Milly Zero.

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