Coronation Street spoilers: Sophie exits for a new life with Kate

(Picture: ITV)

With Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) in Coronation Street struggling to settle into her business course and actor Brooke Vincent leaving the street soon to go on maternity leave, Sophies plans are set to change as she finally decides to follow her heart and leave the street to go travelling with Kate Connor (Faye Brookes) who left the street not too long ago after asking Sophie if she wanted to join her.

Kevins (Michael Le Vell) sister Debbie (Sue Devaney) arrived on the street recently, and announced that their Auntie Vi has died and has left her £200k. Debbie wanted Kevin to have the money which meant Kevin chose to share the money equally between Sophie and Jack (Kyran Bowes).

Before Auntie Vis funeral, Debbie hands out cheques to Kevin and Sophie and later, Kevin, Sophie, Paula (Stirling Gallacher) and Jack bit a fond farewell to Debbie.



When Paula suggests Sophie should jack in her college course and go travelling instead, Sophies taken aback.

Paula persuades Sophie to leave for Cambodia that night however it transpires that Paula never planned to go with her, she jRead More – Source