Stabbing, death and exit: 7 huge Coronation Street spoilers still to come

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Coronation Street is set up up the ante as it enters a highly dramatic autumn and winter – and many locals will have little to smile about as tragedy and violence rocks the cobbles, with devastating ramifications. Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) will face the final curtain as her devastating death scenes air – and the consequences will destroy Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

Elsewhere, David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) will come face to face with rapist Josh Tucker (Ryan Clayton) in prison, leading to a violent showdown while Paul Foremans (Peter Ash) abuse at the hands of Kel (Joseph Alessi) continues to torment him.

In other developments, Bethany Platts (Lucy Fallon) exit will draw nearer while Gary Windass (Mikey North) reign of bad behaviour continues.

The final goodbye

Get the tissues at the ready as Sineads final weeks are upon us and there will be devastating scenes which will leave the audience broken. As Sienad becomes more and more frail, the reality that she has to leave the man she loves and her newborn son hits home in a heavy way. And the final scenes will reduce even the most hardened cobbles viewer to tears as Daniel loses his soulmate.



In the aftermath of Sineads death, Daniel will be a broken man and viewers will fear the worst for him as he hits rock bottom – and the bottle – with dangerous consequences. And when her funeral then arrives, will Daniel turn his back on the chance to say her final goodbye?

Davids on a knife edge

Prison life for David is about to take a catastrophic turn, meaning that he wont be able to serve the remainder of his sentence in peace. As Josh Tucker ends up inside, David is forced to confront him and their past once more.

With his blood boiling, David will have the opportunity to take a bloody revenge during a prison riot. And when Josh ends up stabbed and at deaths door, Shona fears that David is guilty – and she and the kids will lose him for good.

Will Paul speak out?

Viewers have been horrified to learn of the shattering past of Paul, who was groomed and sexually abused by his stepfather Paul as a teenager. And now that Kel is back on the scene, Pauls head is all over the place as he was made to feel complicit in the warped relationship.

But as he finds himself making a pass at Kel after a drunken showdown, Kel makes it clear that he was only attracted to him as a young boy so Paul lashes out and violently attacks him. As Billy realises the horror that Paul is enduring, he makes another attempt to persuade Paul to speak out about the abuse – but will he be able to summon the bravery?



Gemma welcomes her babies

Its been one heck of an eventful pregnancy but Gemma is set to go into labour. But, as youd expect, this will be no traditional birth. As Gemma and Chesney end up trapped on a cable car, Gemma goes into labour. Given that she is carrying quadruplets, a natural pregnancy would be extremely risky – so she needs to get to hospital.

Will everything be okay with the babies? And can Gemma and Chesney cope with four extra mouths to feed?

Will Gary be brought to justice?

Gary Windass in Coronation Street
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Gary is on a one man mission to take over the entire Street – and he is enjoying his new found wealth and power a little too much. After recently relishing in terrifying Ryan with a vicious beating, Garys behaviour continues to worsen – but Adam is determined to bring him down and expose his dark nature.

Is Adam biting off more than he can chew or is Gary underestimating him? And when Maria takes an interest in Gary, is she about to make another catastrophic mistake in her romantic life?

Bethany makes her exit

Its no secret that Lucy Fallon will next year film her final scenes as long suffering Bethany – and Corrie is currently in the planning stages of her dramatic exit sRead More – Source