25 soap spoilers: EastEnders suicide trauma, deadly Coronation Street and Emmerdale attacks, Hollyoaks dead body

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Lives are hanging in the balance next week in the soaps as we present the latest spoilers, including brutal attacks in Coronation Street and Emmerdale which leave Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) and Tracy Shankley (Amy Walsh) fearing that they have gone too far.

Over in EastEnders, as her depression consumes her, Bex Fowler (Jasmine Armfield) leaves her family and loved ones distraught and in a panic with a suicide attempt while the escape of Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) in Hollyoaks has deadly consequences.

Here is what is coming up:


1. Ben and Callum are hoping that romance is on the cards but after intervention from Stuart and some regrettable action from Ben, things arent looking good. And things only get worse when Jonno returns – but Callum is prepared to stand up to his vicious dad.

Bex struggles in EastEnders
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2. Bex is continuing to struggle and she tries to distract herself by preparing a baby shower for Louise but when Mel takes over, Lisa notices Bexs dark mood. And when Sonia finds her daughter lifeless in her bed, she fears the worst.



3. Denise worries for Ted as she becomes determined that Wanda is taking him for a ride and soon she is given further cause for concern. But will she be thanked for her interference?

4. Mel ups her threats against Sharon and she finds a way to get through to Phil for their trip to Portugal, thanks to the help of Dennis. But while Mel thinks she might be able to get rid of Mel, there are further complications ahead.

5. As Daniels mood worsens with his prognosis not looking good but Jean is determined to support him every step of the way. She manages to persuade him to come up with a bucket list and she vows to help him tick off the items.

6. Whitney is pleased when Leo continues to text her but she remains unaware of his true motives.

7. Jack is out of depth when he returns to the police force and it leads to things going sour between him and Denise – but she soon makes a gesture to restore the romance.

Coronation Street

8. As Paul struggles to cope with Kel, things reach booling point after Kel insists that he tells Billy that nothing happened between them. Later, Paul tries to kiss Kel and, when he realises that his former stepdad was only attracted to him when he was underage, he snaps and knocks him out cold.

9. Dev confronts Asha after she uses his credit card and when he discovers a bottle of skin whitening cream, he discovers her secret. He reacts badly and she storms out upset but Liz gives her a pep talk and assures her that her dad loves her.

Debbie and Kevin in Coronation Street
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10. Kevin is surprised when his sister Debbie arrives to see him and announces that their aunt has died, leaving them £200k. She wants Kevin to have the money and he decides to split it between himself, Jack, Sophie and Rosie.



11. After Adam corners Ryan and tries to offer him cash to drop Gary in it over the recent attack, Sarah tells him that she has had enough of his obsession with her ex. Adam eventually agrees to back off but is Gary really out of the woods?

12. Evelyn is suspicious of Jade and when she is discovered rooting through Fizs drawers, she has an explanation ready. Soon Evelyn softens towards Jade when she opens up about her abusive past but is everything as it seems?

13. Michelle admits to Robert that Ray made a pass at her and she doesnt want to continue working with him. She begs Robert not to do anything but before long, he is making plans for revenge.

14. When Gary pays for Marias shopping when she is short, she is touched by his kindness and she offers to babysit for him. Before long, they are sharing sparks…


15. As Moira and Nate continue to play with fire, they head for a night away together but Moira has left her phone at home. Pete finds the phone and sees Nates messages, realising the truth. As he prepares to confront Nate, will he expose the truth to Cain?

16. Kerry is feeling the pressure when Tracy arranges for an interview with the Hotten Courier. When Tracy then spots Kerry with Franks keyring, Kerry is forced to come clean about the shocking truth – she was responsible for the fire.

17. Rishis chocolate samples are causing troubles as David gets queasy and then Derek dies with suspected salmonella. As Rishi fears that he is to blame, things get serious when environmental health become involved.

Is Kerry dead in Emmerdale?
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18. Tracy is locked in by Kerry and Amy to try and stop her from going to the police but when she siRead More – Source