The Spanish Princess: Ray Stevenson, Sai Bennett, Andrew Buchan & Peter Egan Join Cast For Final Episodes

Ray Stevenson (Rome, The Thor franchise), Sai Bennett (Mr. Selfridge, Close to the Enemy), Andrew Buchan (Broadchurch, The Honourable Woman) and Peter Egan (Downton Abbey, The Unforgotten) have joined the cast of Starzs The Spanish Princess, as production begins on the final eight episodes of the limited series. Shooting takes place on location and in The Bottle Yard Studios, Bristol, UK.

They join returning leads Charlotte Hope and Ruairi OConnor reprising their roles as the ruling couple Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII. Other key cast also returning are Stephanie Levi-John, Georgie Henley and Laura Carmichael.

Stevenson will play Megs boorish husband, King James IV of Scotland. Bennett portrays Henry and Megs sister Princess Mary, now of age to forge a political alliance for the Tudors through her own marriage. Buchan joins as the upwardly mobile Sir Thomas More and Egan will play Tudor stalwart General Howard.

In June, Starz ordered eight additional episodes to bring to a close the telling the story of Catherine of Aragon.

Produced by All3 Medias New Pictures and Playground, the limited series is drawn from the best-selling novels, The Constant Princess and The Kings Curse, written by Philippa Gregory. The Spanish Princess continues the story of Queen Catherine and Henry VIII. Presiding over the most glamorous court in Europe and beloved by their people, together they create an England that is proud, confident and strong enough to withstand threat from abroad. Catherines struggle to produce an heir places her marriage and position in the court at risk, and she is haunted by her choices from the past. Despite proving herself a politician, a diplomat, a national inspiration and even a military commander, Catherine must battle to Read More – Source