Upcoming YA Mecha Novel Gearbreakers Acquired By The Last Word Executive Producer Aaron Magnani

EXCLUSIVE: The Last Word executive producer Aaron Magnani has acquired screen rights to Gearbreakers, the upcoming debut novel from 19-year-old author Zoe Hana Mikuta. The YA book, which combines action, adventure and sci-fi, will be published in spring 2021 by Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan, with a follow-up due the next year.

Magnani will develop and produce the adaptation via his Aaron Magnani Productions and is now looking for a screenwriter after beating out other bids for the book rights.

The story is set in a warring age where a power-hungry nation uses microchip-implanted human pilots to “puppeteer” 100-foot-tall mecha robots called “Windups.” A rag-tag group of renegades known as Gearbreakers, led by a young heroine, looks to infiltrate the Windups and take the bionic nightmares apart from the inside out in the name of freedom.

“With a Hunger Games-esque intensity and a Transformers-like sense of spectacle, a film based on this property feels ultimately like a bulls eye,” Magnani said.

Other projects in the works from Magnani, an executive producer on the 2017 Sundance pic The Last Word starring Shirley MacLaine and AmanRead More – Source