Hotel Mumbais Jason Isaacs really wants The OA to come back

Jason Isaacs in The OA

Jason Isaacs has urged fans not to give up (Picture: Netflix)

The OA has been one of the most wickedly haunting pieces of science fiction to hit our screens since forever, and Netflixs controversial decision to axe the show has been harrowing for both fans and Jason Isaacs himself.

Netflix left us all hanging at the edge of our seats with our hearts beating out of our chest when season two of the supernatural drama came to an end and we all thought it would be a matter of time before we got the answers we needed.

That wasnt the case, clearly.

After the streaming platform cancelled the cult-classic series, people reacted with raw emotions in hopes of saving the show the same way Sense8 got their closure as a film and Brooklyn Nine-Nine got a whole new network, thus birthing the hashtag #SaveTheOA .

A Save The OA billboard in Times Square marking the latest attempt to change the streaming giant bosses minds was erected and Jason – who plays Dr. Hap – was in New York to witness all of it.



Were all incredibly moved and thrilled that the story is so powerful, the 56-year-old exclusively told .

And those characters and their humanity has touched people so much that there is a movement.

Ive met some of the people who did it. I was in New York and there was a flash mob and a billboard and a blimp. Its incredibly touching. I love the story, I think its a really powerful, special, really unique story.

Jason Isaacs The OA

He falls in love with one of them and hopes she can step outside the situation and love him back (Picture: Netflix)

In a way, Jason and the entire team behind the incredible series are relying on fans to use their voices to bring back such a meaningful work of art.

Even if Netflix stand by their decision, know that Jason and every one part of the show is listening.

I dont know if well get to carry on. All of us are very moved by the fan movement. If you can make it happen, if we get to make more well be thrilled! But obviously we cant be part of it, he continued.

The show focuses on a previously blind Prairie (Brit Marling) returned to her adoptive parents with her eyesight intact after being missing for seven years – telling a small group the story of how she was kidnapped by scientist Dr. Hunter Aloysius Hap Percy (Jason Isaacs).

Despite all the torture and chaos Prairie and her fellow captives go through, Jason doesnt believe Hap is anywhere near evil.



Hes not evil at all. Hap is a guy who can change the entire world where no one will ever have to die again, he said.

In order to do that, hes got to do stuff thats so deeply unpleasant and he knows it.

Jason Isaacs

Jason perfected playing unlawful characters (Picture: Netflix)

We can tell the actor – who currently stars in the tragic true story Hotel Mumbai – is just as passionate about Dr. Hap and The OA (if not more) as his fans are, and its encouraging to witness this push for the return of The OA be backed by the magnificent people who brought it to life.

Im the number one fan, he had said. Its one of the most beautiful things I have ever done.

Meanwhile, Jason portrays Russian high-roller Vasili in the new Hotel Mumbai about the 2008 Mumbai attacks and not only were we impressed by his foreign accent, we got the chance to witness a chaotically neutral Vasili commit selfless acts for the other hostages around him.

The star also revealed that the families involved in the attacks asked for the violence not to be sugarcoated, explaining that the movie is about the quiet heroism shown by the staff and visitors at the Taj Hotel during the attacks.

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