Game of Thrones season 8 plot hole suggests Jon Snow should have died with the Night King

Jon Snow and Night King

A Game Of Thrones fan thinks they have discovered a plot hole (Picture: HBO)

A Game Of Thrones fan theory claims Jon Snow should have died when the Night King was defeated in season eight.

Fan AlynOakenfist, shared a possible plot hole they discovered from the final season on Reddit.

They recalled the fact Jon was resurrected by magic after he was stabbed by the Nights Watch, which they think links him to the leader of the White Walkers.

In their Reddit post, the viewer wrote: What if at the end of 8.03…after the Night King and all his buddies have fallen, all the fire wights would also cease to exist too?

Beric and Jon were both resurrected by the magic of Rhllor, mostly with the purpose of fighting the Great Other. After that purpose has been fulfilled, it would make sense for them to die as well.



It would also make Danys turn to the dark side a bit more plausible if she would lose her boyfriend and only relative. Let me know what you think.

Another fan agreed saying Melisandre (Carice van Houten) made it seem that way when Beric died.

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Jon Snow was resurrected by Rhllor (Picture: REX)

But they added that it could mean the Lord Of Light wouldnt ressurect him because his purpose has been served.

However one viewer felt the show wasnt set up properly for the theory to play out, adding that Daenerys turn to the dark side wouldnt have been improved by Jon dying.

Danys sudden transformation to villain in the last season is clearly still a sore point.

Meanwhile the Red Woman herself has spoken in praise of the silly but smart last ever episode of the show.

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She told The Hollywood Reporter: I just love the fact that the whole throne was blown away. I really loved it, and also the randomness of talking about whos going to be king.

The silliness of it was very smart. I thought, “This is what life is. Some dumbo can become president.

Thats the world we live in. We just sort of go, “Uh, that guy,” It was smart that it was just sort of silly. I really liked it, to be honest.



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