Selena Gomez Reveals She Was A Nerd In High School & Why Shes Now Considered A Troublemaker

Selena Gomez is opening up about her friendships like never before. She appeared on pal Raquelle Stevens new podcast and revealed that shes the troublemaker of the crew.

Selena Gomez appeared on the first episode of BFF Raquelle Stevens new podcast Giving Back Generation along with other pals Ashley Cook and Courtney (Barry) Lopez, and the discussion was all about their circle of friendship and trust. That allowed the 27-year-old singer to get really personal since she was with the people who know her the most. She made some amazing admissions that many fans dont know about her.

For instance, Selena has a naughty side. “Im the troublemaker of the group, a little mischievous. I like to make things interesting. And I feel thats a crucial part of friendship,” she revealed. “And I have the safest people to do that with lets just be honest. For me, I like, I dont know, thats what I love, I love getting reactions out of Ashley, I love performing, I love adventure.”

Sel then opened up about how she wasnt always that way. “I know when I was growing up, I went to school for a little bit, before I was homeschooled, people were, you know. If my cousin wasnt the captain of the cheerleading team I would have been destroyed. Because I was just, you know, I was kind of a nerd and just hung out with like one person,” Selena shared. Its so hard to think of the “It Aint Me” singer ever being considered a “nerd.”

Selena continued, “And thats hard, thats hard because people, at least when I have meet and greets they always talk about friendships, they always say you know I dont have a lot of friends and, and they dont feel comfortable with, you know, talking to people because they are afraid theyre goi