Woman Catches Rare Grizzly Bear Fight On Film

Rare bear fight caught on cameraCari McGillivray/Facebook

David Attenboroughs camera crew often have to hide out in the wilderness for days to catch rare wildlife moments on camera but a woman in Canada managed to record a rare grizzly bear fight from the side of a highway.

Cari McGillivray was on the Stewart Cassiar Highway in British Columbia earlier this week when she came across the two huge grizzly bears; North American subspecies of the brown bear.

Anyone whos seen The Revenant will know bears put up a good fight, and though Leonardo DiCaprios character didnt fare too well when faced with one of the animals the opponents in this video are much more equally matched.

Check out the fight here:

Dont normally post on here but thought Id share this incredibly rare and amazing moment with all you guys of these grizzlies fighting! Keep a sharp eye out for the little wolf that is observing them in the distance! đŸ„°đŸ»đŸș

Posted by Cari McGillivray on Friday, September 20, 2019

The two bears could be heard making some Chewbacca-like noises at each other from the side of the road before rearing up aggressively on their hind legs – and before any Star Wars fans come after me, I know Chewie isnt a bear, but I think he makes noises like one.

The animals continued to roar as they started pushing one another and things escalated as they got caught in a head lock which probably wouldnt look out of place in a wrestling ring.

Cari carried on filming as the bears scuffled in a grass ditch but her panic was clear when the animals turned and started to run in her direction. Though the woman appeared to be recording the footage from her car, these bears obviously werent in a good mood and could have easily taken their aggression out on her vehicle.

Grizzly bearPixabay

According to Britannica, grizzlies can run as fast as 48 km per hour (30 mph) and they have been known to attack humans without evident provocation. Thankfully, however, the bears appeared to veer off to the other side of the road before reaching Cari.

Though there wasnt a clear winner in the fight, the animals certainly put on a good show – evident in the fact they even caught the attention of a curious wolf who stRead More – Source