Please let Tony Stark rest in peace and dont bring him back to the MCU

Tony Stark needs to rest in peace (Picture: Rex Features)

This may be an unpopular opinion and I should be girding my inbox, but please, for the love of Thor, dont bring Tony Stark back into the MCU.

Hes dead. Let him rest in peace.

Weve shed our tears, and weve cried our cries at the end of Avengers: Endgame, when Robert Downey Jr and Tony made his final play for the good of the universe.

He snapped that mighty gauntlet and Thanos was dusted and everyone was happy.

Of course we were far from happy when Tony, and along with him, Iron Man, died and Gwyneth Paltrow cried and Tom Holland definitely cried and frankly, you find me someone who wasnt a blubbering mess in the theatre when Pepper Potts whispered were gonna be okay, you can rest now and Ill find you a liar.



But his heroes ending just wasnt enough for people. They now want more.

And because Marvel and Disney know a brilliant moneymaker when they see it, all the sources are talking about is the idea Tones is making his big comeback in the upcoming Black Widow spinoff.

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Tonys story is perfectly fine where it is (Picture: Rex Features)

Starring Scarlett Johansson in the titular role, itll focus on her life after the events of Civil War – hence not only why Avenger Natasha Romanoff (AKA BW), but also Tony can return; its all in the past.

Its bad enough Black Widow is coming back despite also biting the dust big time in Endgame (another harrowing scene, no less), but now we might have to contend with the return of two fallen comrades?

You might as well bring back Thanos if deaths in the Marvel Cinematic Universe mean so little to you, fam.

While its also been prophesied Tony is making another return to the world of Marvel in an upcoming Disney+ series, already suggested to be an AI in Iron Heart, I just dont understand why we cant accept the loss of these characters and move on?

The love for Tony is no joke, there are actual statues erected in his honour.

But why must we always need to bring someone back, even if their ending says they dont exist anymore?

Since when did Marvel become an episode of Neighbours, where death ACTUALLY means theyre just kicking elsewhere before returning like it was no big thing they were in a car accident and drowned (Dee, were looking at you).



Im not saying I dont want Tony to return because I dont like him. Heck, I love the iron fella – he brings a certain spunk and moxie to the franchise none of the other characters can master.

But why must we always need to bring someone back, even if their ending says they dont exist anymore?

Im saying we need to learn to let go. Otherwise, every time a massive character carks it, were just going to roll our eyes, sigh, take another handful of popcorn and feel nothing knowing theyll probably get their own spin-off next year.>Read More – Source