Home and Away spoilers: Ben and Maggies marriage over as he moves out?

Ben got violent with Ziggys surfboard (Picture: Channel 5)

Bens (Rohan Nichol) behaviour has only been worsening in the aftermath of being framed for an international drug trafficking crime, as his lack of purpose and fear over potential jail time has led to him either being too depressed to get off the couch or flying into rages. With his latest rage leading to him smashing Ziggys (Sophie Dillman) new surfboard to pieces, Maggie (Kestie Morassi) heads home to confront him.

She say that Ziggy is terrified and Ben almost took her head off when he got violent with the board. Ben tries to brush it off, but Maggie is insistent – he frightened his daughter. Ben says he will talk to her, but Maggie says thats not good enough.

Ben starts to walk away, but Maggie follows him, saying hes been completely erratic lately and keeps losing it. Trying to downplay the situation, Ben says its just a rough patch and hes stressed, but hell get through it. However, Maggie isnt convinced, saying its more than that. She tells him he needs to get help.

Ben and Maggie talk
Maggie gives Ben an ultimatum (Picture: Channel 5)

Starting to get defensive, Ben tells Maggie to get off his back, but she insists he needs to talk to someone. Ben says hes talking to her, but Maggie replies that he needs to get professional help. Watching Ben continue to deny theres a problem, she cracks and says she cant do this anymore. Ben asks what shes saying and Maggie issues him an ultimatum – get help, or youve got to go.



Later, Ziggy walks into the house to find Ben packing his bags. Panicked, she asks whats going on, and Ben says that Maggies kicking him out. A tearful Maggie insists thats not true, while Ziggy begs him to stay. Ben says thats not up to him, before kissing his daughter goodbye and walking out of the door. As Maggie breaks down crying in Ziggys arms, does this spell the end of the Astoni marriage?

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