Americas First Legal Cannabis Restaurant To Open In LA

America's first cannabis restaurantLowell Cafe/Instagram

A restaurant in West Hollywood will make history when it opens next month as the first in America to have cannabis on the menu.

Recreational marijuana was legalised in California in 2016 and since then the weed business has been developing to allow entrepreneurs to take advantage of the new law.

Though its still illegal to smoke weed in public in California, the city of West Hollywood has come up with a new way to utilise recreational weed by creating a licensing process to allow cannabis restaurants.

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Lowell Cafe, set to open on October 1, will be the first of these establishments to open its doors. Inside the restaurant, budtenders will greet customers and help them navigate menus of joints, bong service, dab rigs and other cannabis treats, the Guardian report.

The restaurants owners have not yet sorted a way to legally serve fresh food infused with cannabis as there is no state health regulation permitting it, but they have been able to secure approvals for both food and weed consumption in one location.

As a result, the weed-based options will be served alongside dishes meant to complement the heightened senses from THC consumption.

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Unfortunately due to delays with METRC weve had to move our opening 1 week. Well be open for business October 1. NOTE: All reservations made prior to this date remain the same! Were excited to have you all!

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By offering both food and cannabis products, Lowell Cafe will set itself apart from existing lounges and clubs where people can gather and smoke.

Chef Andrea Drummer spoke about how Lowell Cafe will allow recreational weed users to enjoy the atmosphere without judgement from those against the substance, saying:

Cannabis consumers have had to kind of be closeted. To be able to engage in and consume in a space with like-minded people and not have it be secret and not feel judged, I think its an exceptional concept.

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The restaurants staff will function like wine sommeliers, asking guests about their experiences and interests in order to offer up the best options.

Kevin Brady, the director of Lowell Cafe, described the restaurant as a light, bright, airy oasis of a space where people can consume cannabis.

He explained:

Its a fun opportunity, because its so unknown. Being the first, we want to make sure we set the benchmark very high.

Its not the college, Dave Matthews Band kind of vibe. Its this really elegant place.

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