20 Pound Rescue Dog Loses Half Its Weight After Beauty Transformation

Warning: Upsetting Content

Dog undergoes life changing transformationNebraska Humane Society/Facebook

A rescue dog lost almost half her body weight after being found in her deceased owners home and undergoing a huge transformation.

Ellie Mae was discovered by cleaners who had been sent to her owners home after they passed away. The staff werent aware the deceased person had a dog and were shocked to find Ellie covered in filthy, matted hair.

The pup was carried to the Nebraska Humane Society (NHS) in a storage box because she couldnt move, let alone walk.

Dog undergoes life changing transformationNebraska Humane Society

When she first arrived at the NHS, the dog weighed 20 pounds and was described as an animal youd see by the side of the road, weeks after it had been hit by a car… a filthy mass of stained hair, misshapen by huge mats.

Ellie was anaesthetised and given a breathing tube so staff could keep her sedated as they began cutting away years worth of matted hair. Dr. Amber Horn feared for the dogs future as she knew of a previous case in which matted hair had cut off the blood flow of a dogs leg, resulting in a partial amputation, the NHS explained.

The team found Ellie had seven inch toenails cocooned in hair, faeces and years of grit but thankfully blood was still flowing through her legs.

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Posted by Nebraska Humane Society on Friday, September 13, 2019

NHS staff worked painstakingly for an hour to remove nine pounds worth of grimy fur and after shedding the extra weight the little dog weighed in at just 11 pounds.

Ellies fur was not her only problem as staff found she had one infected foot as well as muscle wasting and arthritis in her back end. She required hernia surgery, dental work and antibiotics to ward off further infection but luckily the pup looks to have a bright future ahead.

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