The Night Stalker From American Horror Story Is Actually A Real Serial Killer

The Night Stalker From American Horror Story Is Actually A Real Serial KillerSan Quentin State Prison/FX

American Horror Story: 1984 is looking to be a right treat, a love letter to the teen-prey slashers of old.

Taking place at Camp Redwood, a group of summer-loving youths learn it was the site of a massacre in 1970 committed by Mr Jingles. Cue the Crystal Lake-esque slaughter.

But theres another plot line: Brooke (Emma Roberts) is attacked by the Night Stalker (played by Zach Villa), a satanist serial killer, in her apartment.

Check out the trailer for AHS: 1984 below:

He tells her: Youre going to be famous. Youre going to die by the hands of the Night Stalker. I will find you. Satan will show me the way.

While fans will remember him the killer from AHS: Hotel, the fifth season of Ryan Murphys horror series, theres more to the him: the Night Stalker was an actual serial killer in California.

1984 saw record-high temperatures in California: before Richard Ramirez obtained his famous name, he was referred to as the Walk-In Killer – as he was known for climbing through peoples open windows during the night.

AHS Night Stalker Zach VillaFX

Ramirez was born on February 26, 1960 in El Paso, Texas. His path to Satanism started with his cousin Mike sharing horrific stories from Vietnam. As the pair started to commit crimes and take drugs, he found his religion.

Later, Mike murdered Ramirezs wife – he didnt help him do it, but he didnt stop Mike either.

Its unsurprising that Murphy selected 1984 as the timestamp of the new season: it was that year when Ramirez terrorised California.

Over the course of the year, he murdered 13 people and sexually assaulted 11 others. He also committed 14 burglaries and attempted five murders. From here, he became known as the Night Stalker.

Richard Ramirez Night StalkerSan Quentin State Prison

After his name and photo were released to the public in August 1985, Ramirez was arrested in the days after.

Strap in, this is where it gets tasty.

Richard Ramirez Night Stalker 1984Los Angeles Police Department

Ramirez wasnt aware his identity had been disclosed to the public. So, on August 30, 1985, he took a train to Tucson, Arizona to visit his brother.

As police were on the hunt for someone fleeing LA, they werent necessarily focusing on the people entering the city – Ramirez came back, and got off the bus with no attention whatsoever.

He stopped at a liquor store, and quickly things took a turn: a woman recognised him and called out el maton which means the killer.

Ramirez ran like the wind across a highway, attempting to steal a Mustang in a bid to escape – unfortunately for him, a man literally pulled him out of the car.

Richard Ramirez Night Stalker AHS 1984 (1)FX

He got up and ran across the street, threatening a woman for her car keys – funnily enough, her husband wasnt having it and he beat Ramirez over the head with a pipe.

Do you think thats it? Not quite. Ramirez was then chasRead More – Source