Ninja Says Video Games Will Be an Olympic Sport, ‘It’s a Matter of Time’

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There's a ton of money in Esports … and there could be GOLD in video games soon too … 'cause Fortnite superstar Ninja says gaming WILL be in the Olympics — it's just a matter of time.

Of course, Esports is bigger than ever — the prize pool for the Fortnite World Cup was $30 MILLION in July (shout-out to 16-year-old gamer Bugha, who took home $3 milli for winning).

Ninja doesn't think the sport's done growing … 'cause he says gamers will be representing their country on the sticks VERY soon.

"For me, I just think it's going to be time," Ninja tells TMZ Sports. "I think that obviously, the younger generation enjoys Esports and enjoys watching video games. Eventually, that's what they're gonna want and that's what the TV people are gonna want to show and represent."

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