Mans DM To Woman Half His Age Gets Her On 1,000 Mile Flight For First Date

Man's DM To Woman Half His Age Gets Her On 1,000 Mile Flight For First DateMedia Drum World

A man managed to get a woman half his age to travel over 1,000 miles to his hometown for their first date after sending her a message on Instagram.

Robert Croak, 54, from Ohio, stumbled upon 27-year-old Sophia Spallinos Instagram page in November last year and initially thought it was his friends niece all grown up.

Not letting this deter him, he took a screenshot of one of Sophias pictures and sent it to his friend to get confirmation of whether they were related. His friends response? No, but shes pretty hot.

Robert then took his shot and followed Sophia, a social media influencer from Louisiana, on Instagram to admire her efforts as a budding social media star. Although she initially wondered why a man of his age was messaging her, Sophia eventually replied and they connected instantly.

The 27-year-old said their mutual passion for entrepreneurship enabled them to form a fast friendship, which then quickly blossomed into a romance that saw them FaceTiming for hours at a time.

After talking every day for a month, they both felt ready to meet up and Robert, an entrepreneur and owner of Silly Bandz, persuaded Sophia to travel over 1,100 miles by plane to meet him for their first date.

Sophia explained:

Since I googled Robert and FaceTimed him so often, I immediately felt safe when he picked me up at the airport for our first dinner date. He leaned over the table and asked if he could hold both of my hands. I remember him saying, We are finally here with each other, and the nerves are gone.

Later that evening, he asked if he could kiss me. I remember closing my eyes, taking in the moment, and he said, Give me your eyes. I remember this intense moment of pure connection as we shared that first kiss, both looking deeply at each other and feeling so close.

Age gap coupleMedia Drum World

Since that moment, the pair have become inseparable with Sophia saying they work and play together every single day. The influencer describes herself as blessed to be able to do what she loves with the man she loves.

So what attracted Sophia to millionaire Robert? His heart, primarily, but also the way he interacts with people. He makes everyone laugh and treats everyone with kindness — even animals and that means a lot to me, the 27-year-old added.

Although she first kept their relationship a secret from her friends and online followers, blurring out Roberts face on her pictures until she was confident [they] were pursuing a life-long partnership, she eventually put a face to the name.

Age gap couple Media Drum World

Introducing her new bae to her family six months into the relationship, Sophia said they realised he is a 34-year-old in a 54-year-olds body but with much more respect and honour for women. Basically, everyone loves him.

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