Joaquin Phoenix storms out of interview over Joker real-life violence question

Joaquin is starring as the infamous villain (Picture: ABACA/PA Images)

Joaquin Phoenix reportedly stormed out of an interview over a question about real-life violence in relation to his upcoming flick Joker.

The Arthur Fleck actor was asked if he thinks particular scenes within the movie could inspire acts of violence in the real world – a topic that has been discussed since the movies first trailer.

Joaquin walked out of the interview instead of answering, according to The Telegraph, also asking why the journalist would ask such a question.

He was later persuaded to return and continue with the interview.

With director Todd Phillips confirming the movies R rating (usually a 15 in the UK), it looks to be a super dark take on the infamous villain.

Joaquin even recently admitted he found playing the role terrifying, revealing that the potential for danger is what sold him on it.



He told the New York Times: I didnt really know what it was. I didnt know how to classify it.

I didnt say, “This is the character Im playing.” I didnt know what we were going to do. It was terrifying.

Meanwhile, Todd revealed it was a struggle to get the 44-year-old to agree to star in the movie.

I was going to his house, basically begging him to do the movie. I go, “So I keep coming up here every day. At some point you, you gotta say are you in or out,” he said.

Joaquin Phoenix in new Joker trailer
The movie has been praised as masterful and disturbing (Picture: WB)

And [Joaquin] said, “Thats not how you do it”… I always say he never really signed onto the movie. One day he just showed up at a wardrobe fitting.

The DC movie will see failed stand-up comedian Arthur (Phoenix) be driven insane and turn to a life of crime in Gotham.

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Its not set to follow any existing comic book material, with Todd explaining: We just wrote our own version of where a guy like Joker might come from. Thats what was interesting to me.



Were not even doing Joker, but the story of becoming Joker. Its about this man.

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