US Navy Confirms UFO Videos Are Real And Never Shouldve Been Released

US Navy Confirms UFO Videos Are Real And Never Shouldve Been ReleasedUS Navy/To The Stars Academy

For the first time, the US Navy has apparently confirmed footage of unidentified flying objects is real and should not have been made public.

Video reportedly first recorded in 2014 and 2015, but only recently shared by Tom DeLonges (yes, from Blink 182) UFO research organisation – To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science – shows US Navy jets chasing unidentified aerial phenomena through skies off the east coast of America.

According to Navy pilots, the unidentified objects were flying at around 30,000 feet, and travelling at hypersonic speeds with no visible engine of infrared exhaust plumes. They were reportedly spotted almost daily during training exercises between 2014 and 2015.

Up until now, the Navy have never addressed the footage. However, according to The Black Vault, an archive of declassified government documents, the Navy have now acknowledged the videos and what they appear to show.

Navy spokesperson Joseph Gradisher said:

The Navy designates the objects contained in these videos as unidentified aerial phenomena.

So, theyre basically saying they never found out what these flying objects were. They are quite literally unidentified flying objects.

However, the Navy prefer to use a different term, as Gradisher explained:

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena terminology is used because it provides the basic descriptor for the sightings/observations of unauthorized/unidentified aircraft/objects that have been observed entering/operating in the airspace of various military-controlled training ranges.

unidentified aerial phenomenonUnited States Department of Defense

Speaking to Motherboard about his request for further information on the videos, the author of The Black Vault, John Greenwald, said:

I very much expected that when the U.S. military addressed the videos, they would coincide with language we see on official documents that have now been released, and they would label them as drones or balloons.

However, they did not. They went on the record stating the phenomena depicted in those videos, is unidentified. That really made me surprised, intrigued, excited and motivated to push harder for the truth.Read More – Source