Teen Arrested In Stabbing Of Boy Filmed Rather Than Helped By 50 Teenagers

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A teenager has been charged with the fatal stabbing of a boy while more than 50 other teens looked on and filmed the incident on their phones.

The victim, 16-year-old Khaseen Morris, was stabbed in the chest after a fight broke out at approximately 3:45pm on Monday afternoon (September 16) outside a bagel shop in Oceanside, New York.

According to police, around 50 other teenagers witnessed or were involved in the fight, but the majority of them took videos of the victim dying rather than helping to save his life.

As reported by WABC, police have confirmed the arrest of 18-year-old Tyler Flach, from Lido Beach, who has been charged with murder.

The brawl, which is believed to have started over a girl, broke out at an Oceanside strip mall. Khaseen, who was a student at nearby Oceanside High School, was stabbed in the chest at some point during the fight.

The 16-year-old was taken to hospital but died shortly afterwards with police confirming the incident appeared to be targetted towards the teenager as he had previously received threatening texts.

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At a press conference, Detective Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick of the Nassau County Police Department criticised those who stood by and filmed as Khaseen lay dying on the street, while urging them to come forward with the footage.

The detective said, as per ABC News:

Kids stood here and didnt help Khaseen. Theyd rather video this event… They videoed his death instead of helping. So anyone who has video, come forward. Do the right thing for Khaseen.

Detective Fitzpatrick went on to say that, while they had a handful of kids who have so far come forward and identified the people involved, they need more witnesses to do so.

He also said he doesnt believe any of the 50, 60, 70 kids involved are naive to who is responsible for Khaseens death, adding: I think all the players are known to each other.

50 Teenagers Stood By Watching And Recording On Phones As Boy Lay DyingPix11 News

Footage of the attack, which is now being used as part of the investigation, circulated on social media in the aftermath of the stabbing. Tragically, Khaseens family also saw the video, Read More – Source