Student Cant Get New Job After Sending Drunk Voice Note To Boss

Woman can't get new job after sending voice note to boss saying she quitJam Press

A student has proved alcohol and work shouldnt be mixed as she found herself unable to get a new job after leaving her old position on a bad note. A bad voice note, that is.

21-year-old Rachael, from Edinburgh, was working at a fine dining restaurant last year while studying at college but she decided to quit after nine months as the hours conflicted with her studies.

Rachael opted to bid farewell to the staff via a voice note on the restaurants WhatsApp group but she made the questionable choice to send it after a drunken night out.

Listen to Rachaels message below:

After sending the abrupt message, the 21-year-old swiftly left the group.

The student explained shed sent the drunk voice note as a joke because she got along with most of her co-workers, however the general manager apparently wasnt impressed with the message.

Unfortunately, this was the exact person Rachael needed a favour from a year later, when she was applying for a new job.

The company she was applying to required a reference from every previous employer but when she reached out to her former general manager Rachael was given the cold shoulder.

Woman can't get new job after sending voice note to boss saying she quitJam Press

Its not as though the manager was asked to gush kind words and recommendations about Rachael – the 21-year-old explained they simply had to state Rachael had worked with them – but it seems her comical drunk voice note had come back to bite her as her message requesting the reference was left on read.

Speaking of the unfortunate situation, the student said:

I sent the voice note when I was drunk as a joke… but I think the general manager wasnt happy about it as it was awkward next time I saw them.

I got along with people there but the general manager I probably didnt get along with, although nothing was left on bad terms.

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