IKEA Apologises After Being Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

IKEA Jerk Chicken ThumbFlickr/@Themlotsdad/Twitter

IKEA is facing immense public backlash after a culinary faux pas attracted accusations of cultural appropriation.

Everyone knows any good trip to one of the Swedish furniture companys superstores closes with food: whether it be gloriously cheap hot dogs or meatballs.

However, their latest addition to the menu with jerk chicken with rice and peas has been slammed – as the traditional Caribbean dish has been made using the wrong ingredients.

IKEA Jerk ChickenIKEA

The dish consists of half a chicken with lots of jerk seasoning – delicious, right? Its not the meat thats the issue, however.

The chicken is accompanied with white rice and garden peas, while the traditional Jamaican dish is traditionally made with pigeon peas or kidney beans and typically cooked in coconut milk and topped with spring onions.

One Twitter user hit out at the retailer, writing:

Its literally white rice and garden peas, @IKEA did you even Google it?!

If you were confused, beans are called peas in the Caribbean.

This is what happens when you try and cash in on a culture with no input from that culture whatsoever.

The response has been furious, with customers commenting that they are bastardising traditional dishes.

Jerk chicken with white rice and green peas?
Can people stop bastardising traditional dishes please? pic.twitter.com/pqWgEsQMZZ

— Lorraine King (@lorrainemking) September 12, 2019

One critic wrote: The chicken dont look bad. But the literal rice and peas is killing my soul.

Another person critiqued the dish: Chicken looks halfway decent here, but that rice looks like it just got taken off life support. No bueno.

IKEA really put peas in white rice…sold it with jerk chicken and callled it rice n peas? LMAO

— Que (@ique_x) September 14, 2019

One user is particularly astute in saying they should have done their research first – it would have easily been avoided with a quick Google search.

The retailer has issued an apology following the controversy, outlining that they never meant to cause offence.

As reported by New York Post:

IKEA is a Swedish home furnishing company with a much-loved food offer. We take inspiration from many countries around the world and have always worked to combine different flavors and ingredients to offer delicious, healthy and affordable dishes.

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