Holly Willoughby cracks up as David Cameron says s**t during This Morning interview

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Holly Willoughby couldnt contain her laughter during an interview with David Cameron on This Morning, after the former Prime Minister accidentally swore live on air.

The 52-year-old was joined by wife Samantha for the appearance, to promote his new book, For The Record, when the chat quickly turned to Brexit.

Phillip Schofield suggested there would be viewers at home shouting abuse and spitting at their TVs over his stint, blaming him for the political confusion the country is currently in, and the infamous Brexit bus in particular.



And he uttered a swear word about the situation.

Believe me, I did more… I s**t…, he told the hosts. I shouted at the TV.

Apologising for the slip-up, he continued: Sorry, I shouted at the TV. It was incredibly frustrating.

David Cameron swore on This Morning interview

David Cameron accidentally swore during his This Morning interview (Picture: ITV)

Holly Willoughby This Morning

Holly Willoughby found the whole thing hilarious (Picture: ITV)

David tried to continue his point, but it was too late and everyone around him had erupted into uncontrollable giggles.

None of us were prepared for that, Holly joked, to which he replied: Weve broken a new boundary, for which I am very sorry.

We can already see another NTA finding itself in the This Morning trophy cabinet…

This isnt the first time Holly and Phil have been forced to pause an interview after finding themselves unable to control their laughter.

And, speaking about getting the giggles on camera, Phil admitted the pair arent too fussed about blunders live on air.

David Cameron wife Samantha on This Morning

No one could cope after his slip-up (Picture: ITV)

There have been so many because its such a relaxed studio and thats when you can forget youre on the telly, which makes you both laugh, he revealed ahead of their 10-year ITV

Whats lovely is that weve got the same sense of humour, it works at the same speed, we find the same things funny and so were always very happy to laugh at each others mistakes.



Practically every animal that walks into the studio poos on the floor! It happens all the time. Holly is quite nervous about bigger animals.

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