Christina Hendricks on her ideal ending for Mad Mens Joan and why Hollywood still doesnt have equality

On the journey Hollywood is undertaking in representing everyone in front of and behind the camera, Christina Hendricks believes we still have a long way to go. Thats not to say were not already in the car, the tank full of petrol, the GPS destination locked in and weve bought the snacks.

What shes saying is – were on our way.

The actor is speaking to down the phone from the US in one of her only UK chats ahead of the release of her latest film American Woman – a gripping and heartwrenching story of human loss.

Its pretty heavy.

But Christina is chirpy and bubbly and endearing and all of a sudden were deep-diving into her work as a so-called small screen feminist, if you read all the interpretations of her, and, well, here we are chatting about the current state of Hollywood.



Weve got a long way to go, we still dont have equal amounts of women behind the cameras, she said of just one example inequality is raging in tinsel town.

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People are really trying and it shows its changing and it feels really good. Its nice to hear it in conversation, just trying to be aware of being equal in all of these choices.

Its beautiful to watch. People arent being dismissive about it, they are taking it seriously.

The actor has become a beacon of feminist power, whether she admits it or not, fighting the good fight in her roles and bringing a sense of boss to her portrayals. From Joan Holloway in Mad Men to Beth Boland in Netflix series Good Girls, Christina wants every kind of person to be represented in film and television and shes doing her bit to fight for the women.

Christina plays Katherine in American Woman (Picture: Roadside Attractions)

Were trying to explore peoples experiences. I think women are strong people and theyre fighters and maybe thats where I find the characters I play, she explained. I feel like I can always look for the fight in someone, or their struggle and what drives them.



Its usually what Im looking for and it comes out in that way.

Its been four years since weve seen her grace the Sterling Cooper offices as Joan, our hero of AMCs Mad Men that ran from 2007-2015.

We followed her up the ranks from office manager to starting her own film production company, and, honestly we still yearn for a day the series is rebooted like every other out there right now so we can revisit these characters.

Mad Men Joan holloway Christina Hendricks
We all miss Joan (Picture: AMC)

In the meantime, we do the next best thing – we ask Christina where she believes Joan is. If anyone is going to know…

I think about Joan several times a week, I love Joan and I miss Joan, she said.

Id like to think Joan was happy raising her son and found some fulfilment artistically and professionally, shes well on her way to starting her own business.

Id like to think she did quite well and shes enjoying life.

Us, too, Christina.

Joan will have to wait, though, as Christina is next going to be on screens in the heartbreaking American Woman, which follows the long-term journey of Sienna Millers Debra, whose teenage daughter goes missing in blue-collar Pennsylvania.

Christina stars alongside Breaking Bads Aaron Paul as Debras sister Katherine, as we follow their lives over 11 years.

Wanting to be a part of the gruelling odyssey, the film depicts the resilience of women, and humans in general, really, which was something Christina found a deep passion in undertaking.


Bonding with Sienna immediately and very naturally, the actor admitted being on location and dealing with such a realistic fight of humanity in the script stayed with her and the cast long after the camera cut.

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