The A Little Late With Lilly Singh talk show premiere episode sneak peek was everything

Lilly made her talk show hosting debut in a colour-blocked red suit. (Picture: YouTube)

A Little Late With Lilly Singh, a new talk show on NBC, had an early episode sneak peek on YouTube and fans cant wait for more.

The Canadian comedian, who shot to fame on YouTube as IISuperwomanII, opened her show with a hilarious skit in which a room of all-male, all-white TV executives try to suggest the style and substance of her first episode.

I was thinking I could actually share my perspective, she says. Especially being a woman and all.

A man then tells her hes not sure people will relate to that, to which Lilly responds See Im not sure I related to 10 seasons of Friends.


Lilly baulks at the suggestion of wearing a grey or brown suit for her talk show premiere. (Picture: YouTube)

Guys, I just wanna be myself! she says before bursting into a killer rap.



She sings: This used to be a boys club but Im knocking down the doors.

In the song Lilly takes aim at only Jimmys in the spotlight, sexist air conditioning thermostats, paid parental leave, breastfeeding and reproductive choice.

Hello my name is Lilly and I aint a white man. (Picture: YouTube)

This is the new standard. Take notes Hollywood. (Picture: YouTube)

She also raps about how her writers room looks like a mini United Nations.

More than 50 per cent women and people of all nations.

Lilly takes many moments in the first episode to express her gratitude to her audience and viewers watching at home, as well as to thank her role models – including comedian and actress Mindy Kaling who appears as her first guest.

Lilly and Mindy remark its like a family reunion. (Picture: YouTube)

Mindy – who has just starred in Late Night, a comedy film about a late-night talk show – tells Lilly its thrilling to have representation like her on screen and she wishes that growing up shed seen someone like her on TV.

I cant wait for my daughter to watch the show, twenty years from now when youre still doing it and wishing you didnt have to, she said.

Hours before the show streamed live, Lilly posted a photo of herself with Mindy to Instagram and captioned it: Melanin explosion.

The premiere sneak peek also featured comedian and actor Rainn Wilson, who congratulated Lilly and presented her with the comical gift of a white noise machine.



The machine, a twist on the actual mechanical device, emits sounds like the sound of a homemade craft beer being poured into a pre-chilled imported beer stein and the sound of a white girl getting vacation braids the minute she lands in Saint Thomas.

They also make a dig at racial disparities in policing, to which Lilly calls the sound of a siren being soothing the whitest sound of all.

In 2017 the actress, was ranked tenth on the Forbes list of the worlds highest paid YouTube stars, earning a reported $10.5 million.

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While the half-hour American premiere streamed at 10pm EST, ahead of its TV debut at 10:35pm EST, fans around the world stayed up to watch the bisexual woman of colour do her thing.

Live in India is at 7.15am and Im not sleeping tonight. Love you Lil, one fan wrote on YouTube.

Another wrote: I cant wait to watch history being made. lil Canadian brown girl in me is screaming for her.

People were buzzing about the show Twitter, with one fan writing: Crying like a baby in this hotel in Bangladesh watching #LateWithLillys first episode. My heart is on clouds and I could not be more proud of @Lily for what she has accomplished. Representation matters. Thank you for fighting for it Lilly.

Representation matters. (PicturRead More – Source