Big Mouth Season 3 First Full Trailer Just Released By Netflix

Big Mouth Season 3 First Full Trailer Just Released By NetflixNetflix

The end of summer may be slipping through our fingers as we speak, but as we all know, the best TV swings around in autumn, so its not all bad.

And what better way to get through those early autumnal evenings than the third season of a crude, lewd and rude animated comedy about a bunch of horny high-schoolers getting to grips with the nightmare of puberty, relationships and life in general.

Netflix have finally released the trailer for the third season of Big Mouth, and from the opening few seconds it seems were in for even more hilarious, weird and at times uncomfortable jokes about these kids sexual awakenings.

Check it out:

Kicking off with the return of Kristen Wiig voicing Jessis vagina in an elaborate game show called Do The Thing!!! its clear this probably isnt a show you want to watch with the whole family. Then again, Big Mouth does have something for everyone, and characters we can all relate to, so you never know…

Elsewhere in the trailer, as if Maury, Connie and Rick the hormone monsters werent enough, it looks like were getting a new one, and this time its Missy Foreman-Greenwalds turn, voiced by Thandie Newton nonetheless.

Big Mouth Season 3 First Full Trailer Just Released By NetflixNetflix

And while you may think Big Mouth has addressed all there is to address when it comes to horny teenagers, it seems even more subjects are thrown into the mix, as Andrews mention of incest with his (hopefully very, very, very distant) cousin at summer camp proves. Theres also the introduction of a new character, voiced by Ali Wong, who declares to her classmates she is pansexual, so its not just the minefield of puberty, but identity too, which the show is delving into.

Oh, and whats this at the end of the trailer? Holy stromboli! Its only the guys from Queer Eye coming to the aid of Coach Steve Steve. Looks like hes not going to remain lonely much longer.

cast of queer eye in big mouthNetflix

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