Plumbers Invoice To Leukaemia Sufferer In End Of Life Care Totals £0

Hero Plumber Elderly WomanJames Anderson/Facebook

A kind-hearted plumber from Burnley has warmed hearts as well as homes after fixing an elderly leukaemia sufferers boiler completely free of charge.

When caring James Anderson arrived at the home of the 91-year-old lady – who is on end of life support – he knew he did not want to bill her for the boiler repair.

Showing inspiring generosity, Anderson kept quiet about his plans, before sending the ladys daughter an invoice for exactly £0. Had he billed her the full amount, it would have cost roughly around £480.

Plumber Invoice Leukaemia sufferer @PDevonian/Twitter

Speaking with UNILAD, Anderson recalled how he first met the terminally ill woman, on September 8:

This ladys daughter rang us and said, my mums boilers not working, can you send someone over to have a look at it?

It was a Sunday, I didnt want to ring anybody else so I went out myself. I popped into the house, and the daughter was there with the mother and the mother was on the couch, on a make-shift chair bed in the living room.

Now you could see that she was very poorly anyway, but I didnt know what was wrong with her at that time. I had a look at the boiler, rectified the problem but then the pressure started dropping again. So then I realised it was the expansion thats along the boiler that was faulty.

For the next two days, Anderson visited the house twice a day to depressurise the boiler to keep it working while waiting for the new part to arrive. Anderson fitted the new part on September 12.

Anderson told UNILAD:

All through the process, I never, ever said to the womans daughter its going to be free, because the situation in the property – the daughter explained to me – the mothers got leukaemia, shes basically on the end of life care.

I didnt want to put anymore stress on the situation, so I didnt say anything, just did the invoice and sent it by email to her.

So when she got home, in her own house, she would see it and if theres any upset then its not in front of her mother. She was totally amazed with it. She was over the moon with it.

This is the invoice from plumber, James Anderson in Burnley after fixing a lady's boiler – gives me a little hope for humanity after all

— ProudDevonian (@PDevonian) September 15, 2019

The daughter was not the only one to be left amazed. The invoice was uploaded and shared online, and people were astonished by Incredibly, this good deed is not unusual for Anderson, and is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his community mindedness.

In 2017, Anderson established Depher CIC, a non-profit organisation which carries out plumbing work free of charge for elderly and disabled customers.

Anderson was initially inspired to kickstart this service after another – decidedly less ethical – plumbing company took advantage of an elderly gentleman, charging him for work he didnt need.

At the time of writing, Anderson and the Depher CIC team have helped out 2,389 families through this initiative; helping out with everything from gas leaks to possible gas explosions, carbon monoxide leaks to faulty boilers.

Theyve even paid bailiff bills for those whove had bailiffs at their door, and given free gas top ups for those without electricity or gas.

My nan has shared my grandmas boiler repair invoice and the response has been incredible