New TV Show Called Murder House Flip Combines True Crime And Home Renovations

New TV Show Called Murder House Flip Combines True Crime And Home RenovationsFlickr/Geograph

Even if you dont happen to love both true crime and home renovation shows, then Im sure youll at least love one or the other. Luckily, a new TV show called Murder House Flip has it all.

Its everything we never knew we needed.

The title of the show sums it up really; Murder House Flip will feature some of Americas most infamous murder houses, with episodes looking into the horrific crimes that took place there.

Murder House Flip is home renovation show taking place in murder housesPixabay

However, rather than your average true crime investigation show, the new series will have the added twist of turning the house of horrors into the home of your dreams.

The executive producer of CSI, Josh Berman, is behind the new show, with Penny Dreadfuls Chris King and author Katherine Ramsland also producing.

Forensic specialists, spiritual healers and high-end renovation experts will round out the crew as they take on homes across the US, but Ive a feeling it will take much more than a 60 minute makeover to convince members of the public to fall in love with the former crime scenes.

Murder House Flip is home renovation show about murder housesPixabay

I mean, weve all seen how it goes in horror films, havent we? A nice family moves into an old house looking for a new start, only to be haunted by the houses history. A lick of paint and a new bathroom wouldnt be enough to win me over, thats for sure.

According to TODAY, Elyse Seder, SVP Alternative & Syndicated Programming of Sony Pictures Television, spoke of the new project:

We are thrilled to bring this one of a kind series to life and dive into a world that combines Americas two biggest TV obsessions: true crime and home renovation.

I think it is absolutely essential that everyone knows there is a show coming out called Murder House Flip and the premise is exactly what you think it is

— Gwen Clarke (@GwenCIarke) September 9, 2019

Murder House Flip is said to explore the dark secrets and shocking stories behind the famous homes, and once crime experts uncover all the – ideally metaphorical – skeletons in the closet, spiritual healers will step in to cleanse the house before the high-end renovation workers give it a makeover.

In a press release, Berman said the projects will bring healing and solace toRead More – Source