Hope Director Maria Sødahl: “Its Not A Cancer Story” – Toronto Studio

Terminal illness was a theme that cast a long shadow over this years TIFF, but Maria Sødahls film Hope came at the subject from a rather different perspective—from the Swedish directors own experience, in fact, when she was diagnosed with brain cancer several years ago. Nevertheless, the film is not in any way a memoir, even though some of it is clearly autobiographical. “Its a story about one week in a womans life that also tells a whole life story of 20 years together with her husband,” she told us during a visit to the Deadline studio. “I think its not a cancer story, but its very, very relevant for people in general.”

Stellan Skarsgård, who has known Sødahl and her director husband Hans Petter Moland for many years, took up the story. “It takes place during Christmas, from the day before Christmas Eve [to the] second of January,” he explained. “Theyre supposed to celebrate Christmas with their six kids, and at the same time, this bomb[shell] comes and tells her that shes got three months to live. Does she tell the children? And what happens between the couple, between the husband and the wife? What truths bubble up, and how do you deal with a long relationship that has maybe gone a litRead More – Source