Director Gregor Jordan On Down-Under Drama Dirt Music: “Its A Very Unusual Love Story” – Toronto Studio

Tim Wintons fiction has served the Australian film industry well over the past few years, notably his short stories, but Dirt Music is the first of his novels to reach the big screen. Helmed by Gregor Jordan, last feted at TIFF for 2001s anarchic Buffalo Soldiers, it stars Garrett Hedlund in a torrid tale of love and grief.

“Its a very unusual love story,” Jordan explained when he came to the Deadline studio. “Its set in a very particular part of Australia. It starts in a crayfishing town, and theres all these small-town politics, and its the story of this woman, Georgie Jutland [Kelly Macdonald], whos pretty adrift and unhappy in her life and looking for some meaning and purpose. She meets this poacher [Hedlund], whos this guy whos had this terrible tragedy in his life, and its really about the love story between them. But its about how the town really is not too happy about them being together, because she was [in a relationship with] the big lead fisherman guy in the town.”

Kelly Macdonald, who plays Georgie, told us that she was immediately attracted to the character, despite their many differences. “I hadnt read the novel,” she said, “but when I read Jack [Thorne]s script, she just really came off the page for me. I just felt like I understood her in a way, even Read More – Source