Wendy Williams Not Surprised By 50 Cents Latest Shade: Why She Isnt Bothered By His Disses

50 Cent has been taking constant Instagram shots at Wendy Williams all summer long and shes just rolling with it. Shes actually starting to enjoy the attention its bringing as he seems to be obsessed with her.

While 50 Cent continues to hurl insults at Wendy Williams via his Instagram, shes just keeping quiet via her account and not trashing him back. In his most recent attack, he photoshopped her head on someone who was hugging him and wrote “Nightmare on Elm Street” over it. “Wendy is not surprised that 50 Cent took another shot at her but she isnt bothered. She was pretty much expecting it because she knows he likes going back and forth with her,” a source close to the 55-year-old talk show host tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“Wendy was not offended by his post, shes got a good sense of humor, she can take a joke and if he wants to post pictures of them all cuddled up on his Instagram page, who is she to argue. Its starting to seem like hes a little obsessed with her and Wendys actually starting to enjoy the attention from him. If 50 thinks hes upsetting her, hes way wrong,” our insider continues.

Wendys daytime talk show returns on Sept. 16, so she could come at Fiddy, 44, if she wanted to. But that would just b