Singletown new couple klaxon: Kyra and Ellen dont find girls attractive but fell in love anyway – heres their story

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Singletown just said adios to its second couple of the series, Charlie and Elliott, which can only mean one thing: we have a new relationship on the rocks joining Emily Atack and Joel Dommett next week.

Meet Ella and Kyra, a same-sex couple who, despite falling in love with each other during their studies in Australia, arent actually attracted to girls.

The newbies first met while Ella was studying in Melbourne for six months, before Kyra flew across the world to the UK every holiday and they realised there was something more than friendship keeping them together.



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In Australia, youre in halls of 10 people and we have one international in every hall. Ella was luckily enough to be the international in my set of halls. That was the first moment we met, she was actually walking to the shower in a towel and she came into my room and said, “Hello, Im the new international, Im Ella” and I said, “Oh so nice to meet you” and we just hit it off from there, Kyra exclusively told

We became best friends instantly, said Ella. Kyra was the leader in the house, she took me under her wing.

However, the couple have, somewhat unwillingly, been forced to make a drastic decision about their future. In order to stay in the UK theyll need to successfully apply for a partnership visa. Sounds simple enough, right?

It costs about £10,000, Krya sighed. So its weighing up if Ella is worth that £10,000.

Singletown new couple Kyra and Ella

Heres your new Singletown couple! (Picture: ITV)

Ella in Singletown

Singletown fans, meet Ella (Picture: ITV)


Needless to say, their romance has faced more than one obstacle along the way. Distance may top up the air miles, but it also brings an upheaval of stress and financial woes.

Im living with her because I have no one else and when Kyra is living with me because she has no one else, its very intense, said Ella. Having that space for Kyra to enjoy herself, enjoy London, meet new people, go on dates will be a good thing.



Kyra added: As time has gone on weve learnt more about the show and weve moulded it to our life and realised that we both have attributes about one another that we particularly dont like but we also have attributes that we do like, so its trying to strengthen our relationship through this experience to figure out what it is like to live without each other.

But its not just being a world apart which has been a learning curve for Ella and Kyra.

Kyra in Singletown

And her girlfriend, Kyra (Picture: ITV)

Weve only came out in August 2018 as being a couple. We still fancy boys, admitted Ella. Thats the thing, we always say if we werent with each other were sure wed be with a guy because we dont find girls attractive. I think weve both realised that its actually the person, its not necessarily male or female.

Well theyre about to find out if theres any other people who could sweep them off their feet like the moment they first met by the showers all those moons ago. Emily and Joel have a line-up of singles waiting to meet Ella and Kyra, and, judging by the drama from the past fortnight, its likely at least one of them will meet their match.

I think the show could change it for better or worse, Kyra told us, sounding a little concerned. One aspect is that we could come out and be stronger than ever and reaRead More – Source