Sex mistake, transphobia danger and someone faces prison: 6 big Neighbours spoilers

Here are this weeks big Neighbours spoilers (Picture: Channel 5)

The truth proves to be a dangerous weapon in Neighbours this week, as someone is left living in fear after their revelation leads to huge ramifications, while another is left devastated when they learn whats really going on.

Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone) is left facing the aftermath of Yashvis (Olivia Junkeer) outburst about her transition, and things could turn very nasty for the teen. Will anyone be able to protect her?

Mark (Scott McGregor) and Roxy (Zima Anderson) make things a bit kinkier in the bedroom but it leads to them both getting caught in a rather embarrassing way.

Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) is rocked when he tracks down Harlows (Jemma Donovan) mum and learns the truth about her, but his shock isnt a patch on how Harlow feels when she finds out.

And Ned (Ben Hall) has scored himself a seriously creepy stalker. Yikes.



Heres whats happening this week on Neighbours.

1. Mark and Roxys sex mistake

Roxy convinces Mark to let her use his handcuffs on him to spice up their bedroom fun. It turns out to be an exciting move, with Mark finding himself chained to the coffee table afterwards! But when Roxy comes to remove them, she realises shes lost the key. Shes forced to ask Harlow for help, who suggests they ask Ned for bolt cutters. But when the girls hurry back to Mark they dont realise theyre being followed – by Ned! Their sex secret is well and truly out when Ned walks in on the kinky scenario. Will Mark dump Roxy out of sheer embarrassment?

2. Ned gets a stalker

Scarlett has stalked Ned all the way from Sydney
What does Scarlett want with Ned? (Picture: Channel 5)

While Ned is stalking the girls, he doesnt realise hes the victim of stalking himself. Scarlett, the women he saw crying in the airport in Sydney, is lurking in the shadows having followed him all this way. But why? Ned is later shocked to find her in Harolds, and she lies that shes on a country-wide tour. But she tells Ned she needs money and a job, so he offers to help her look in the local area. Scarlett is in for a shock herself though – when she learns Ned has a girlfriend. As Scarlett reels from the revelation she opens a scrap book shes been making about Ned. Shes clearly not stable! What has she got in store for Ned?



3. Mackenzie faces danger from transphobes

Mackenzie's in danger now everyone knows the truth
Mackenzie faces danger now everyone knows the truth (Picture: Channel 5)

Now that the school knows the truth about Mackenzie shes afraid, but is relieved that there hasnt been any reaction so far. What she doesnt know is that parents have been kicking off about her using the girls bathroom. When Mackenzie finds out she turns to Shane for comfort who tries to reassure her. But when she returns to school she discovers a threatening note in her locker. Whos out to get her?

4. Shock truth about Harlows mum

Paul is shocked when he finds Harlow's mum
Harlows mum has shock news for Paul (Picture: Channel 5)

Paul and Terese arrive in London on their honeymoon. Paul begins to think about Harlows mum Prudence, whom he knows is in the UK. He decides they should meet her in person. They tell Harlow what they plan to do and she freaks out. Amy manages to coax the teen into explaining whats up, and she confesses that her mum is part of something called the Restoration Order and that her behaviour has become really odd. Paul is shocked after meeting Prue when he realises she isnt bothered in the slightest about her daughter. And when Prue suddenly flees their meeting with a mystery man from The Order, questions are running around their minds. The man gives Prue orders – and a heartbroken Harlow receives a message from her mum saying she never wants to see her again.

5. Shane faces prison

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