Home and Away spoilers: Robbo is left for dead and floats out to sea

Robbo is beaten by thugs and questioned by Victor (Picture: Channel 5)

Robbo (Jake Ryan) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) have spent weeks under protection from the Feds as they try to work out what the killer gang behind the murder of Robbos old family want from him now, several years later. After a mysterious phone call to the motel the pair are staying in, where Robbo was instructed to meet them at the wharf the next morning, Robbo decides to head out on his own without telling Jasmine.

As he waits on the wharf the next day, we see him place a GPS tracker inside his shoe, so that the Feds can track his whereabouts. He sees a boat on the horizon, which has stopped moving towards him. Frustrated, he yells out at it, asking what theyre waiting for, causing the engine to fire up and the boat to race towards him.



A group of men get off the boat and tie Robbo up, refusing to answer any of his questions. One of them pats him down, immediately discovering the GPS tracker and throwing it overboard. Then they pull a bag over Robbos head and jet away with him.

Robbo abandoned by thugs
Robbo floats out to sea unconscious (Picture: Channel 5)

At a deserted cove, the thugs pull the bag off Robbos head and force him to his knees, where another man approaches him. Not recognising the newcomer, a confused Robbo asks who he is. The new man – Victor – tells Robbo that hes the man who holds Robbos life in his hands. He says he was surprised to hear the famous Ryan Shaw is still alive, and has a new life – including a new wife.

Robbo struggles to remain calm, wanting to find out what Victor wants from him. Victor reveals that he wants to know where Dylan Carter (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) is, and Robbo says that hes dead. However, Victors thugs react to this by punching him, and Victor tells Robbo to try again.

Victor and Robbo
Victor questions Robbo (Picture: Channel 5)

After taking a beating, Robbo says that after their altercation on the boat, Carter died at sea – but Victor doesnt believe him, saying that hes got a week to find Carter, or hell hurt Jasmine. An enraged Robbo tries to fight back, but he is beaten unconscious.

We then see Robbo passed out on a dinghy, tied up and floating out to sea. Is Robbo alive? And if he is, how will he save himself?

Who is Dylan Carter?

Dylan Carter was cast back in 2015 and played by Australian actor Jeremy Lindsay Taylor.

He first appeared on the show in 2016 as the former fiance of Kat Chapman (Pia Miller), who passed away in a deadly car crash while escaping the Bay with Robbo.

Dylan was in charge of the Charlotte King murder investigation, but incorrectly charged Zac MacGuire and got a judge to refuse him bail through blackmail.

He also developed a dangerous obsession with Kat, which led to terrifying scenes when he held her hostage with Ash and Read More – Source