Guy Filmed Climbing Down Tower Block In Mysterious Escape

Warning: Distressing Content

Guy Filmed Climbing Down Tower Block In Mysterious EscapeAsiaWire

A man has plummeted from a high-rise apartment building after allegedly attempting to flee the home of his married lover.

Footage taken on September 10 in the city of Maoming in South Chinas Guangdong Province shows the man – clothed in just a t-shirt and underpants – attempting to climb down the side of the steep building without any safety equipment.

Online rumours have been spread which speculate the victim had been been caught out when the family of his apparently married girlfriend returned to the apartment unexpectedly.

It is unclear exactly how the man managed to climb to from the apartment window to the perilous position seen in the footage, which was captured from a neighbouring building.

He can be seen sliding down the structure in the style of a stuntman; back placed against a wall and one leg pressed against the concrete column before him.

Subsequent footage reportedly shows the man halting while remaining trapped several storeys up; becoming unable to hold on any longer after apparently becoming fatigued.

In the video, he can be seen making an emergency phone call with one hand, all while still high up on the side of the building.

Guy Filmed Climbing Down Tower Block In Mysterious EscapeAsiaWire

The footage quickly went viral on Chinese social media site Weibo, and became a trending topic as users speculated as to the condition of the man.

Tragically, the lifeless body of the man was later seen lying on the ground at the foot of the high-rise, after he apparently fell to his death.

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