Donald Trump Finally Admits He Does Look Orange

Donald Trump Finally Admits He Does Look OrangePA Images

While everyone can agree Donald Trump is a divisive character, the president believes hes been cast in a harsh light.

Only this time, its not his political rivals, the Mexicans or Chrissy Teigen feeling the wrath of his frustrations, but… light bulbs.

Speaking at the GOP House Retreat Dinner on Thursday night, Trump took yet another swipe at energy efficient light bulbs, while answering the question thats been on peoples lips for decades.

The light bulb. People said whats with the light bulb? I said, heres the story, he said.

And I looked at it, the bulb that were being forced to use, number one to me, most importantly, the lights no good. I always look orange. And, so do you. The light is the worst.

He continued:

But number two, its many times more expensive than that old incandescent bulb that worked very well. And very importantly—I dont know if you know this—they have warnings. If it breaks its considered a hazardous waste site. Its gasses inside.

And read what they say. If it breaks bring it to your local whatever, have it wrapped, have it this—what are we doing? What are we doing? And I said to one of the top people today, well they break a lot dont they? Yes they do, they just throw them away, they dont care.

Donald Trump Finally Admits He Does Look OrangePA Images

His comments come after the Department for Energy eliminated energy-efficiency standards for lots of light bulbs on the market, in a bid to increase customer choice. However, environmental campaigners say the move will increase energy consumption and household costs.

At his most recent rally, Trump even used the energy efficient bulbs as an explanation for his skin tone, which is often described as orange, prompting people to question whether he applies false tan.

He said although hes not a vain person, I look better under an incandescent light than these crazy lights beaming down.

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