Bride Shames Husband For Gross Sex Joke Inscribed On Ring

Ring ShamingThat's it, I'm ring shaming/Facebook

Buying an engagement or wedding ring is perhaps one of the most significant purchases many of us will make within our lifetimes.

And so a great deal of reflection usually goes into this significant piece of jewellery, which a person will hopefully wear on their finger for the rest of their time on Earth.

However, some individuals opt to go for a slightly dafter take; like one husband-to-be who used the medium of a wedding ring inscription to declare his undying love… for blowjobs.

Ring ShamingThat's it, I'm ring shaming/Facebook

Some ring inscriptions take their lead from great literature and poetry, while others are influenced by romantic song lyrics and even quotes from cherished date night movies. But for this individual, the inspiration was a little bit cheekier.

Taking to popular Facebook group – Thats it, Im ring shaming – a woman by the name of Jen shared her husbands unique take on the wedding ring inscription, gleefully inviting other group members to shame him.

Sharing a picture of a beautiful diamond encrusted ring, Jen wrote:

Mostly shaming my husband and not the ring, because at the time of this photo, the inscription on my wedding band said Yes, Jen, I still want them (blowjobs). Shame away, this group makes me laugh aloud.

Wedding ringPixabay

True to form, group members unleashed a Medieval barrage of shame upon the ring, with a potent mixture of horror and mirth.

Many were cackling with laughter at the filthy inscription, praising the grubby-minded groom as being hilarious and funny.

However, there were some less hardened members who were left dismayed by the thought of such a pretty ring being tarnished with talk of blowjobs, with one person tutting:

Yeah. If a bloke had given me a ring with that inscribed in it back in the day, Id have shoved it firmly up his arse.Read More – Source