87-Year-Old Daredevil Slides Down 25-Foot Waterfall Setting Record

87-year-old man sets record going down waterfallViralHog

An 87-year-old daredevil was determined not to let his age stop him from being adventurous as he became the oldest person to ever go down a 25-foot waterfall in Costa Rica.

The elderly daredevil was in the middle of the jungle with his family when he took on the naturally occurring slide, known as the Uvita Waterfall.

The attraction located near the village of Uvita in southern Costa Rica is popular with tourists and while staff from adventure tour company Paddle9 were nervous about letting the 87-year-old take it on, they didnt regret their decision to let him loose on the slide.

Check out the video here:

The footage was shared by those working at the waterfall, who said the man made it very clear that he wasnt taking no for an answer.

After making sure he and his family members knew the risks involved, the men helped the thrill-seeker get into position at the top of the rocks, with the water rushing down into a natural pool below.

They instructed him to keep his arms crossed, legs straight and head back before pushing him down the slide and watching him plunge 25 feet to where other people were waiting in the water.

87-year-old man becomes oldest to slide down waterfall in Costa RicaViralHog

I thought it was impressive when my 70-odd-year-old grandmother took me and my brother to the treetop ropes course Go Ape!, but this adventurous man just raised the bar to a new level.

Ill have to see if I can convince Nana to take us on a trip to Costa Rica next time.

Speaking of the record-breaking occasion, those behind the footage said:

We love this video because it really just shows that age is just a number and that it is incredibly important to always live life to the fullest.

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