James Bond goes Tomb Raider as Daniel Craig is seen blowing up graves while filming No Time To Die in Italy

James Bond was seen blowing open a crypt in dramatic scenes (Picture: MEGA)

Daniel Craig has been spotted filming for the latest James Bond movie in a graveyard in Italy – and it looks like hes working on some pretty dramatic scenes.

The next James Bond film, No Time To Die, looked a lot more like Tomb Raider as the actor, 51, blew open the doors of a crypt in new photos from the set.

Daniel was seen shielding himself as bits of debris flew out of the tomb after the explosion, throwing the actor to one side as grey smoke billowed out.

In other photos which have emerged from the filming so far, Daniel was also seen with a bloodied face at the same location.

No Time To Die will be the 25th movie in the James Bond series, and is due to be released next year.

As well as Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes and Lea Seydoux will also all be returning for the upcoming film, focusing on Jamess life after he retires from active service to Jamaica.

Dramatic explosion scene on filmset of new James Bond movie
Dark smoke was seen billowing from the tomb after the explosion (Picture: MEGA)
Daniel Craig spotted filming action scenes in a graveyard for upcoming James Bond movie
Daniel Craig was spotted filming in the graveyard location (Picture: MEGA)
Dramatic explosion scene on filmset of new James Bond movie No Time to Die
He dodged the debris flying out of the tomb (Picture: MEGA)

His old CIA pal Felix Leiter soon turns up, however, and asks James for help to rescue a kidnapped scientist, which of course doesnt go as smoothly as planned.



As well as getting some sneak peeks from the set, fans are also speculating that Elton John could be the one to sing the new theme song, following on from the likes of Adele and Shirley Bassey.

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