Democrats Quickly Spar Over Healthcare: “This Is Why Presidential Debates Are Becoming Unwatchable,” Says Pete Buttigieg

ABC Newss George Stephanopouloss first question of the Democratic debate very quickly exposed some of the divisions among top tier candidates Joseph Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders — and then led to tiffs with others in the field.

The acrimony got so great that some candidates warned that it only would hurt the Democrats, as voters tuned in to see bitter divisions.

The issue was where the candidates stand on healthcare, as Biden proposes a plan designed to expand coverage and offer a public option, and Warren and Sanders favor a much larger Medicare for All. Stephanopoulos asked Biden whether his more progressive rivals were going “too far” in their plans.

Biden tried to draw a contrast from Warren, who steadily gained in the polls over the summer.

“I know the senator says shes for Bernie. Well, Im for Barack,” he said. He criticized Warren, saying that she has not said how she would pay for her plan. Sanders, he said, has done that, but his plan only gets “halfway there.”

Warren and Sanders defended their approaches, and said that the country needed a bolder approach that wrestles away the influence from insurance companies.

“I have never actually met anybody who likes their health insurance company. What they want is access to healthcare,” she said.

Sanders noted that healthcare companies, i.e. insurance and pharmaceutical firms, would be advertising during the ABC commercial breaks.

“Maybe you have run into people who love their premiums. I havent,” he said.

In contrast to previous debates, the moderators did not stop the back and forth between the candidates, even as they stepped up their attacks on each other.

Julian Castro tangled with Biden over some of the specifics of his plan and how it will cover Americans.

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