Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel falls apart in the wake of Sineads tragedy

The recent news about Sineads (Katie McGlynn) cancer returning in Coronation Street and her unfortunately only having three or four months to live has come as a shock to everyone on the cobbles.

Sineads husband Daniel (Rob Mallard) has spent months being the supportive and strong one in the family, making sure hes there for Sinead through her previous battle with cancer and also the birth of their son Bertie. Now though, upcoming episodes will see Daniel fall apart as we see a glimpse of what things will be like for him as he struggles to cope.

Sineads still suffering from sickness after her chemo and as Sinead sleeps, Beth (Lisa George) bemoans to Daniel that Sinead is too tired and sick to be with Bertie. When Sinead wakes, she is too weak to hold Bertie, and Daniel suggests she should stop having her chemo.

Sinead accuses Daniel of wanting her to die sooner because he cant cope. Daniel turns up for work, desperate to escape the atmosphere at home. As Sineads hair falls out as Beth brushes it, Sinead regrets her harsh words to Daniel.



Sinead urges Daniel to attend the Baileys house party and later, Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) finds Daniel drinking alone in Victoria Gardens and she drags him to the party. As Daniel dances wildly, Michael (Ryan Russell) tries to lead him outside. Angry, Daniel takes a swing at him.

Adam (Sam Robertson) arrives at No.3 and takes Daniel away meanwhile Sinead asks Beth to ensure shes dressed nicely when shes buried, dissolving her to tears. Daniel breaks down and sobs in Adams arms.

Its clear Daniel will have family around him to support him through SineRead More – Source