Bang Bros Bid For Naming Rights To Miami Heat Stadium And Want To Call It The BBC

Bang Bros Bid For Naming Rights To Miami Heat Stadium And Want To Call It 'The BBC'BangBrosOfficial/Twitter

After more than two decades with the sponsor, the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami is about to undergo a name change.

The airline has sponsored the arena, home of the Miami Heat, since 1999. However, the airline is reportedly no longer in the mix as the arena seeks a new sponsor and a new naming-rights deal for 2020.

And while many of us sit back and hope the name will be changed to Arena-y McArena Face, it seems another world-renowned company, also famous for their friendly cabin crew, are after the naming-rights to the home of Miami Heat.

Bang Bros Bid For Naming Rights To Miami Heat Stadium And Want To Call It 'The BBC'Wikimedia Commons

Alexis Aran Coello, communications manager for American Airlines, told the Miami Herald:

American Airlines is proud to call Miami home. We are not seeking to renew naming rights for the arena, but remain the official airline of the Miami Heat and continue to invest in programs that support the community, where 13,500 American team members live and work.

We wish Miami-Dade County well in their search for a new sponsor.

AmericanAirlines Arena apparently will be getting a new name by next year. Miami Dade deputy mayor Ed Marquez told Miami Today that the airline is no longer in the mix to keep its name on the Heat's arena.

— Barry Jackson (@flasportsbuzz) September 11, 2019

So whos after the naming rights? Namely, BangBros, the self-proclaimed worlds best porn site.

The company has reportedly submitted a $10 million bid for the naming rights, aiming to rename the stadium to the BangBros Centre, shortened to The BBC.

In a statement, the porn company wrote:

Miami is known for many things – South Beach, beautiful women, and sports teams like the professional NBA team the Miami Heat. Miami is also known for BangBros. So it makes sense to pair up winning programs like the Miami Heat and BangBros for a sponsorship opportunity, naming the home arena they play in.

Hoping to help the team throw their balls around and score, BangBros added: BangBros feels they need to show their support for the next wave of winning to come and give back to the city thats treated them so well.

The statement continued:

Both the Heat and BangBros have become staples of the city, with huge fans of each. It doesnt get much more Miami than having the arena sponsored by Bangbros.

We've officially Submitted our $10,000,000 bid for the naming rights to the Miami Heat Arena. We wish to thank American Airlines for their past support of the @MiamiHEAT We intend to change the name to the BangBros Center aka 'The BBRead More – Source