50 Cent Struggles To Say 3 Nice Things About Wendy Williams Amidst Ongoing Feud — Watch

After Wendy was challenged to say 3 nice things about 50 on WWHL, the ladies of The Talk put 50 on the spot as he struggled to come up with something to say!

50 Cent and Wendy Williams may have plenty of personal beef, but they still have respect for each others success! In response to Wendy saying three nice things about 50 on WWHL, the ladies of The Talk put the rapper — born Curtis Jackson — on the spot! “Since she said three nice things about you, can you say three nice things about Wendy?” host Carrie Ann Inaba probed. “I thought this was The Talk — Im being set up!” 50 jokingly responded, before admitting he did have a few positive attributes to mention about the host.

“Shes extremely successful. Her shows been on for a long time,” 50 admitted. Wendy, of course, is going into her milestone 10th season with The Wendy Williams Show and the host seems to be more popular than ever. “Shes been able to survive — if you have a long enough career, youre going to have some peaks and valleys in it — and shes been able to survive some of the tougher parts.” Talk shows are known to be a highly competitive space — with many getting cancelled after only a year or two — so the fact Wendys show has been on the air for so long is a testament to her success alone. “If you can develop a personal life, thats where the most confusion will come from in the public eye, and shes been able to get past that and continue to work,” 50 continued, likely alluding to Wendys emotional and public split from her husband of 21-years, Kevin Hunter Sr. Kevin was an Executive Producer on the series for its entire run, and was fired prior to the new season getting underway.

When it came to thinking of a third thing to say about Wendy, 50 got a little tongue tied. “Is there one more?” Carrie Ann questioned, as 50 admitted, “This is a lot for me!” Host Sheryl Underwood then encouraged him, “You got in you! Dig deep, dig deep,” then reminded him what Wendy had said about him: “She said you were really, really talented [on WWHL], so thats a good thing about her to you.” The Grammy winner couldnt disagree with that one, and agreed “She can identify good talent” as he