Sorry Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith tips Elton John for James Bond theme tune

Elton John for Bond 25? (Picture: Getty)

Ed Sheeran is thought to be open to the job of writing the next James Bond theme but Sam Smith has tipped Sir Elton John or Dua Lipa to take up the mantle next.

Smith, who wrote Writings On The Wall for 2015s Spectre, the last Bond film to hit cinemas, said its crazy that Elton had never landed the gig and that he would be keen to hear his version of a Bond theme.

Everyone is talking about it now. I am excited to see who it is. Id love Dua to do it, he said.

Remember that Madonna Bond song (2002s Die Another Day), its so good.

If Dua could do something like that. But also, I actually think Elton John should so it, he has never done it which is crazy to me.

He is still the most incredible singer so one day I think he should do it.

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipas name has also been hinted at (Picture: Getty)

Several names have been thrown around for the job, including Ed Sheeran, whose manager Stuart Camp recently revealed the Perfect hitmaker is still “open” to making the theme song.



However, he claimed Bond producer Barbra Broccoli and her team dont hold discussions for the gig until much later on.

He said: We met [Bond producer] Barbara Broccoli when we played Dublin [in 2017] and they were interested.

Danny Boyle was attached to the film after that, who made Yesterday [which featured Sheeran], so there was a close connection there.

Obviously, they changed directors but were still open to it, but theyre not even having those conversations yet.

The Grumpy Old Management company owner denied the claims that the 28-year-old pop superstar is Daniels favourite act and thats its already a done and dusted deal, but said its definitely something Ed wants to tick off his bucket list.

He continued: Ed asks me [about it] every day. And I say, “The thing they do last is the music”.

Those [stories] that said hes Daniel Craigs favourite act and its all happening arent true.

Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn
Ed Sheeran is thought to be keen to write the song for Bond 25 (Picture: Getty)
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