Sophia Bush Slams Ridiculous Pink Tax: Its Absurd That It Costs More To Live As A Woman

Sophia Bush is on a mission to end period poverty and she told HL why the pink tax makes products for women less accessible and leads to girls falling behind in school.

Sophia Bush, 37, is not only an actress, director, and producer, but shes also well known for her activism and raising awareness for critical issues across the board. The One Tree Hill star has also partnered up with Always on their campaign to end “period poverty” which is described as a lack of access to period products which leads to a staggering one in five American girls that have either left school early or missed school. HollywoodLife sat down EXCLUSIVELY with Sophia who explained how critical this issue is along with why she thinks the pink tax is “ridiculous.”

“This notion of a pink tax is ridiculous. Its a very odd thing that just because products are designated to be for women theyre more expensive,” Sophia said. “Our razors cost more money, our products costs more money, and this is absurd. Its more expensive to live as a woman in the world because of everything were expected to do. Why also are our products when the data also proves that women are paid less than men across the board? And that data gets worse and more disparaging for women of color.” Sophias mission with Always is to ensure access to period products never stands in the way of girls ability to pursue a brighter future.

“We have a lot of work to do in every arena in the application of gender parity in America,” Sophia continued. “We need to make sure when were looking at these big public spaces like corporate pay and healthcare that were not forgetting that our girls get left behind when theyre still in school. We need to make sure were carrying them through to be able to participate in those conversations as adults.”

The Chicago P.D. actress also explained why its “crucial” for young women to make sure and vote in the 2020 election. “It is the most crucial election of our lifetime thus far,” she began. “Everything is on the table, rights for all people are on the table. Its a very scary time.” Sophia also shared a useful tool for those who may feel like theres “a lot of pressure” when it comes to deciding who to vote for. “Theres a great resource online called I Side With,” she explained. “Theres a quiz you can take which takes you through your feelings about a variety of political issues and then it tells you on a percentage score which politician you actually stand with. Its a great jumping off point and its a great place for young people to