Jesy Nelsons documentary Odd One Out is incredibly brave and we must all do better

Jesy Nelsons BBC Three documentary Odd One Out is incredibly brave and we must all do better.

The hour-long feature sees the Little Mix singer talk candidly about the horrific abuse she has been a victim thanks to social media, revealing how she attempted to take her own life in 2013 when she couldnt take it any longer.

There are absolutely no frills here. The subject matter isnt wrapped up in cotton wool and the camera doesnt cut when Jesy reveals all the ugly and upsetting details.

Beginning with her suicide attempt, Jesy recalls how the constant trolling made her feel so embarrassed and ashamed that she just wanted the pain she felt to stop. Just minutes in were sat with a lump in a throat and tears in our eyes. Yes, its harrowing stuff, but its the girm reality of the darker side to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and it shouldnt be ignored.



Jesy shot to fame in 2011 after her girl group Little Mix won The X Factor, but cites that going on the show wasnt worth her happiness.

The night they won, Jesy remembers scrolling through her Facebook messages and finding abuse from a stranger that said she deserved to die, adding that from there on in they just got worse and worse.

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Jesy is honest about her mental health in the hour-long film (Picture: BBC)

One particularly cruel comment came from Katie Hopkins after Little Mix performed on X Factor in 2013.

After the groups gig, Katie tweeted: Packet Mix have still got a chubbier in their ranks. Less Little Mix. More Pick n Mix.

All I remember feeling at that time is whats the f***ing point? Jesy admits. I starved myself for a week and Im still getting called fat. I could be the skinniest girl in the world and this is never going to go away.

Jesy Nelson of little mix

Jesys documentary is out now (Picture: BBC)

Jesys own mother Janice White fights back tears as she talks about the impact the abuse has had on her child, confessing that shed choose to have her before fame took ahold if she had the chance.

If I could have my Jes back to how she was before… I miss her, she says. I just feel like Ive lost Jes to social media.

From Jesys mum yearning for her old daughter back before her X Factor success, to her bandmates at a loss of how to bring back the fire and passion they miss in their friend, its clear that the star is not the same person she was.



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