Game of Thrones fan makes video of alternate finale we deserved as Hodor kills The Night King

Game of Thrones loyal following will never get the ending they deserved but one fan is giving it a good go and has actually created an alternate finale which sees Hodor kill The Night King.

Its epic.

The genius, who goes under the moniker 3D Print Guy on YouTube, has constructed an animation of what would have been a far better finale, with Jon Snow struggling in battle against The Night King only to be saved by Hodor emerging from the icy floor to destroy the leader of the dead army with his bare hands.

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If only.

Instead we were left with Arya Stark heading off in her cruise to explore unchartered territories in the West (which turned out to have already been explored in another gaffe from writers D.B. Weiss and David Benioff), Bran Stark taking the Iron Throne despite being gifted with the power to have prevented Daenerys massacre of Kings Landing, and the addition of a water bottle hiding behind a chair leg.



Critics famously launched a petition to have Game of Thrones rewritten, amassing almost 2 million signatures and receiving the backing of fellow writers including Seth Rogen.

Game of Thrones writers D.B. Weiss and David Benioff

Game of Thrones writers D.B. Weiss and David Benioff were torn apart over the finale (Picture: Getty)

Hodor in Game of Thrones

Were way more on board with this ending to Game of Thrones (Picture: HBO)

Weiss and Benioff snubbed the opportunity to defend the final chapter at San Diego Comic-con and instead chose to send members of the cast to confront the backlash, pulling out of speaking at the panel.

They have since addressed their biggest fiasco, however: the coffee cup.

Game of Thrones will forever be tarnished by Daenerys caffeine fix, among other hiccups, which the duo admitted was a big oversight.

Game Of Thrones coffee cup

Daenerys coffee cup tarnished Game of Thrones legacy for good (Picture: HBO)

We were concentrating so much on Daenerys and Jon Snow that we just didnt see this coffee cup right in the middle, they told Japans Star Channel.

So, at first I couldnt believe it, and then it was embarrassment, “How did we not see this coffee cup in the middle of the shot?” And then, eventually, it was just funny. This one is just a mistake, and its kind of funny to us now.

Regardless, theyre strutting into winter Read More – Source