Canadian Coroner Caught Stashing Bodies In Refrigerated Truck

Canadian Coroner Caught Stashing Bodies In Refrigerated TruckCBC News

A medical examiner is Canada is being investigated for stashing dead bodies in a refrigerated lorry outside the coroners office, according to reports.

It comes after the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation showed a video of a man in a black suit, who is believed to be an employee at an unidentified funeral home in Edmonton, dragging a body out of the back of the lorry with the help of a man who the network reported to work for the medical examiners office.

It appears that the funeral employee is dragging the body bag onto a gurney, one of 17 bodies the CBC claims were inside the chilled lorry at the time of filming.

Canadian Coroner Caught Stashing Bodies In Refrigerated TruckCanadian Broadcasting Corporation

As per the New York Post, Alberta Justice spokesman, Dan Levine, said:

Dignity is expected to be shown at all times to the deceased, and (medical examiners office) guidelines appear to not have been followed.

It is always a priority of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to ensure the deceased in their care are treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

The claims of how one of the deceased in our care was handled are very concerning and we are currently investigating.

Its reported the lorry was rented on Friday after the coroners storage facility reached its full capacity following a huge influx of new deaths in the Edmonton area.

Employees working in the medical examiners office are believed to have raised concerns over the storage method to chief medical examiner Elizabeth Brooks-Lim, who is reported to haveRead More – Source