EastEnders spoilers: Chantelle Atkins pregnant with sick abuser Grays baby

(Picture: BBC)

Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Plummer) has been left feeling frightened and trapped as she is pregnant with Gray Atkins (Toby Alexander Smith) baby – a discovery she made not long after he violently attacked her once again in EastEnders.

The pair already have a family together but her pregnancy complicates matters as their marriage is toxic, with Grays promise that moving to the area would help him change and that he would seek help.

Despite this, Chantelle has been forced to hide the darkness of her true life behind closed doors from her family and friends as Gray regularly beats, verbally abuses and controls her. After his work trip, he has been unsettled to see Chantelle recover some of her self confidence, especially after getting through to the finals in the beautician competition.

Feeling worried by her taking a stand against his veiled orders that they go home, he deliberately destroyed her certificate but he was left seething when Chantelle then wanted them all to go to the party at the Taylors to celebrate Keanu (Danny Walters) having his name cleared.



After they returned, Chantelle tried to stand up to Gray again when he became aggressive over her taking money from the joint account but he pushed her violently against the fridge, leaving her stomach in agony.

Later, she was preparing to walk out, saying she couldnt live like this but his sobs and excuses that he felt pushed out by how she was with her family made her embrace him as he begged for one last chance.

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