‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jade Cline Says She’s More Than Jenelle’s Replacement

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Jade Cline's not just coming off the bench to sub in for Jenelle Evans on "Teen Mom 2" — she wants fans to be crystal clear … she's bringing her own real, raw story lines.

We got the newest addition to the 'Teen Mom' fam Monday in NYC, along with her almost 2-year-old daughter, and asked what she wants people to know about her. Of course, she is replacing Jenelle on the second half of Season 9 — but that's a technicality for Jade.

She says her story has plenty of twists that a lot of people will find relatable. Humbly, Jade says she is "a great mom," but like all moms … she makes mistakes. She just learns from hers.

That might sound like a dig at Jenelle … but fact is, Jade didn't fire any shots at her or her husband, David Eason. As we reported, MTV severed all ties with Jenelle in May after David killed the family dog.

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